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August 25, 2013, 02:20:49 pm
HomePlug monitor (HPM) is intend to tune and debug HomePlug networks (two or more interconected devices). Unlike utilities usualy shipped with devices, HPM display more detailed informations about line quality and devices itself.
Program read informations from devices uses HomePlug AV protocol. It work with INT64xx and  AR74xx chipsets family. It also may work with 63xx chipset but this is not tested yet. (users experience welcome!)

HomePlug Monitor is still ALPHA version and may provide unexpected results!!!  

To achieve exact same screen look, choose console font 'Consolas' and size 20.

Screen description:

Mode - Bridge, Master, Station
Device Name - Customizable user identification string
Device MAC - MAC address of HPAV device
Type - Local, Remote. Local means device you are plugged with ethernet to, Remote are all other devices connected to Local device via powerline or coax.
TEI - TErminal Identifier, unique identification for every device in one HPAV network. Light blue letter indicate CCo - Central Coordinator.
SNR - Signal to Noise Ratio, this number is main information about line quality, higher number means better quality.
ATN - AtenuaTioN - Signal level in negative decibels, lower number (closest to zero) means better quality.
BPC - Bit Per Carrier, average number of bits modulated in one carrier. Higher number means higher line speed. There are maximum values: 10 for AR64xx devices and 12 for AR74xx devices.
Coded TX/RX - Link rate on physsical layer after substract of FEC overhead.
RAW TX/RX - Link rate on physsical layer. Color express link quality: Good, Fair, Poor
(If you see single value, instead of TX/RX pair, could it be there is data transfer only in single direction. Generate both direction traffic to see both values)

Status bar messages:

No data flow, signal cant be measured - There must be data tranfer between local and remote unit to compute signal values and transfer rates. If you see this message, you have to perform some data transfer. At least ping some machine behind the remote device.

No stations found for: xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx - Program does not see any remote devices connected to specified local device. Connect some box, or check line for signal attenuation. There are maximum attenuation threshold about 60db for coax and about 30db for powerlines.  


Why device marked as L did not display rates nor signal values?

This device is local which means box you is connected to computer running HPM by ethernet, thus is totaly meaningless to measure signal for this box. Displayed numbers for remote boxes show you line quality between monitored box and local device. If you want to see signal quality as it received by your local box, you have to connect to remote box by ethernet and perform measurement from opposite endpoint of your line.

You can download version 0.0.2 here

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